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The neo-popote Tour: don’t miss the event!


Does eating organic have to give you a headache?
Thanks to neo-popote, absolutely not!  
Come discover neo-popote from 22 March to 14 April 2018!
The Danival team will travel to nine cities in France to meet you and introduce you to good, organic products.

On the agenda: a delivery tricycle will introduce you to Danival’s neo-popote – good, portable, organic food, which reconciles our active lives and our desire to eat better. Our mascot, Poki Bio, will also travel to different city centres to invite you take part in the #neo-popote Tour contest. Thirty organic gourmet baskets are up for grabs!

Make room for Danival’s neo-popote
Founded in 1990 in South West France, Danival wants to bring organic food to the masses with its neo-popote. With 27 product lines and 220 products, our mission is to show people that eating organic and well is now possible, despite our modern and hurried lives. Our neo-popote Tour promotes simple, organic consumption, facilitated by practical formats, for everyone, regardless of the circumstances. Danival’s neo-popote is, simply put, the new way to eat and consume well.

Danival neo-popote Tour”: 22 March to 14 April 2018
This travelling event, with a delivery tricycle, will come meet you where you are and introduce you to quick, organic products, thanks to Danival’s neo-popote.
The tricycle will travel the streets and offer samples and tastings of several Danival classics: toasts with spreads, gazpacho, salads made with Express grains, Pokibio compotes, vegetable desserts, and more. Up for grabs: €1 coupons to use on purchases of Danival products from the list of organic stores partnering with the event.

The Danival neo-popote Tour, everywhere in France
  • Paris: 22, 23 and 24 March
  • Strasbourg: 28 March
  • Lyon: 30 and 31 March
  • Nice: 3 April
  • Aix-en-Provence: 5 April
  • Marseille: 6 and 7 April
  • Montpelier: 9 April
  • Toulouse: 11 April
  • Bordeaux: 13 and 14 April