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Dani’Pom, a really modern and authentic range

Le 28/08/2018
Did you know that Dani’Pom were the first products created by DANIVAL in 1990 ?
And yet, they haven’t aged one bit.

Their secret ?
Good French organic apples, selected fruits, a texture that appeals to all generations... In short, recipes with no-frills.
And because this authentic range has always been modern, two new additions have been added!
Discover the 2 new additions for the new school year :

Dani’Pom Apple & Chestnut 700 g :
A delicious recipe with the real taste of chestnuts (11% chestnuts in the recipe), real vanilla powder (not extract) from Madagascar and a touch of fair-trade cane sugar.
Dani’Pom Apple & Red Fruits 700 g :
A multi-fruit recipe with no added sugars, full of pep and with delicious strawberries, raspberries, cherries and organic blackcurrants.
You’ll enjoy its freshness and tart flavour.