La neopopote de

Danival creates new "My popote-minute” range

Le 15/06/2018

Eating organic without having to worry? It is possible! 

Committed to its creed, the organic ready meal specialist, Danival, has created the "Ma popote-minute” range consisting of four ready meals which are just like home-made dishes in individual 300g to 320g cups, to be taken anywhere!

 Let yourself be tempted by vegetarian paella, ravioli with 5 vegetables, tuna basquaise or thai risotto, which keep things interesting between home-cooked, regional or exotic cuisine… and are an ideal solution for organic and balanced meal breaks at the office, at home or on-the-go !

 This new "Ma popote-minute” range provides a concrete illustration of the “neo-popote” trend launched by Danival in March 2018, a new way of eating good organic food which reconciles our modern lives and our desire to eat better, even when we are in a hurry and we don’t have time to cook.

100% natural ready meals, without the fuss !

"My popote-minute” are individual ready meals, cooked by a real chef, which are balanced and tasty.
Four simple dishes made with 100% organic ingredients just like home-made dishes, without preservatives, additives or artificial colouring.

The enjoyment of improvising and eating organic food in complete freedom !

No more food chain constraints and food waste!
Due to its expertise of cooking in a canning facility, Danival has succeeded in offering long-lasting ready meals with a preserved taste, simply by canning them.
Therefore, regardless of the type of dish, “Ma popote-minute” meals can be kept for 18 months at room temperature.

Quickly done and organically made, "Ma popote-minute” can easily be reheated (double boiler or microwave), for thoroughly enjoyable improvised meals, without feeling guilty !

After opening, the cup can be kept in the fridge for 3 days thanks to its re-sealable lid.
And of course, as always, the container is completely recyclable (TerraCycle programme).

Range of products available exclusively in organic shops.