La neopopote de

Organic, good, tasty


At the Andiran Mill, nestled in the heart of the South West, Danival, one of the first French companies to have obtained Bio Ecocert certification, has been passionately dedicated, since 1990, to creating and producing products derived solely from organic farming. Made in a factory that has only produced organic products since its creation, our products are 100% organic (not 99.99%). It’s not that way out of overzealousness (European legislation authorises up to 5% “non-organic’ ingredients in “organic” products), but because it’s how we’ve always done things. And, even if the laws were relaxed further, we wouldn’t see any benefit in doing things worse rather than better.


Danival is one of the first French companies to have put in place its own Commercial Charter of Solidarity with its farmers to guarantee fair partnerships.
Danival's relationships with its 30 producer-partners are based on three-year supply contracts at guaranteed prices.
Furthermore, we pick only French meats and we favour the use of AOC (appellation of controlled origin) and IGP (protected designation of origin) products.
We have taken concrete action to continuously improve our production capacity, our local sourcing, the workplace well-being of our employees, our energy consumption and recycling with our partnership with TerraCycle.



Since 1995, Danival has hired people with disabilities living in assisted living 10 km from the Andiran Mill. The work they do at Danival brings them social and professional fulfilment and financial support in their daily lives.
We also support numerous causes each year: charitable actions (support for associations for the fight against cystic fibrosis and cancer), environmental and organic actions, sports-related actions (outdoor sports) and humanitarian actions.



Preserving the natural world around us and reducing our environmental footprint are the goals which have naturally stimulated our approaches and actions since the creation of Danival.
We choose environmentally-friendly packaging (by limiting over-packaging, using recyclable materials without chlorine, without BPA and without phthalates, applying energy-saving production, etc.), reduce waste (by training employees, making efforts to limit water consumption, etc.), choose renewable energy (through solar panels installed on the roof), source locally and treat waste through a partnership with TerraCycle.



At Danival, nutrition equates with taste: every recipe is created or revisited by our real chef (his name is Jérôme) in our real kitchen with carefully selected seasonal ingredients, prepared and packaged to guarantee their freshness when they reach us and their flavour when they reach you. Furthermore, we chose simple and authentic cuisine: without flavourings, colourings or texturing agents, even if they are permitted in organic cuisine.
Our sourcing of Mediterranean vegetables labelled “BIOPARTENAIRE” (committed and fair partnerships with local producers) guarantees us superior quality vegetables. We select the best of the terroirs from local producers (Aquitaine beef, French apples, etc.).


Reliability, flavour, safety, respect for the environment, etc.: quality means ensuring that our products and our company respect these commitments. Quality and safety are constant concerns for us throughout the creation, production and sale of our organic products. That’s why, on top of the European regulations and health regulations in effect for BIO (organic) food, we require that our suppliers have a valid organic certification and each delivery is subject to a rigorous inspection. Furthermore, in addition to what organic regulations require, we have created a Danival Organic Beef Quality Charter with our partners: that means French-born organic animals, from “beef cattle” races, which are required to test negative for BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy), with verification by DNA test, for our products which are ready to sell.



Unlike “conventional” farming, organic agriculture is a type of production which uses practices that are particularly respectful of the environment, animals and people, and which aims to preserve soils, natural resources and the environment and to support farmers. Organic farming seeks to preserve the environment by avoiding the use of synthetic chemical products and fertilisers and answers to rigorous specifications that are inspected by accredited certification bodies.