La neopopote de

What is Neo-popote ?

Neo-popote is designed for people who are eager to reconcile their active lives and their desire to eat better.

Bringing the past into the future

Neo-popote reconciles our day-to-day lives with our desire to eat better, right in our plates.

It's Neo because it fits today's lifestyles and expectations: quick, easy to prepare, organic but without limitations, easy to find and take anywhere and ethical without being preachy, from appetiser to dessert.

It's Popote like the cooking we used to know: healthy, safe, good for your taste buds and for your body and without a single ingredient that could damage your health.

Eating well, anywhere, especially when you don’t have time, isn’t contradictory, it’s the future.

To us, eating better means freeing people from the minor contradictions they face daily, to allow them to eat well, like before, today.