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3 divinely fruity and very gourmet desserts !

Le 04/09/2017
Danival, the French ready meal and organic fruit purée specialist since 1990, has been innovating for its fruit dessert line. It presents “Les Compotées”, the first compotes with fruit chunks, available in individual 100g portions.
Try these three divinely fruity and absolutely delicious flavours for the new school year: “Apricot”, “Strawberry” and “Rhubarb”.

What makes “Les Compotées” so irresistible ?

Our new line is designed for fruit lovers who like generous gourmet compotes with chunks of fruit, cooked slowly over low heat to retain the delicious taste and texture of fruit.
These three recipes let you enjoy the wonderful taste of fruit all year long.
Sold in a package with two 100g cups, you can take “Les Compotées” from DANIVAL everywhere for your breakfast, snack or dessert. 

Additional information
* Packaging: individual 100g cups recyclable thanks to the TerraCycle programme (thanks to this
recycling programme, Danival is able to recycle all of its plastic packaging, including so-called “non-recyclables”. Consumers can bring back their packaging – all brands - to participating organic stores or send them in from home) -
* Storage: 18 months before opening
* Where can you find these products? in organic and health food shops, in the compote aisle, non-refrigerated.