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Danival launches a treasure hunt with the Express Grains !

Le 04/09/2017
Danival has been a pioneer in ready meals in Doypack pouches since 2005. It’s always looking for new ideas, and has launched two new, pre-cooked Express Grains combinations: “Inca Treasure” and “Italian Treasure” for the new school year.
After introducing organic French quinoa in 2016, Danival wanted to expand its Express Grains line in 2017. It already included seven vegetarian recipes, including two Treasures: “Moroccan Treasure” and “Indian Treasure”. The two new treasures add to this exotic line for the new school year. After Morocco and India, it’s time for new, exotic culinary journeys of discovery to Latin America and Italy.
Danival’s Express Grains are low in fats and a great source of fibre and proteins. They are pre-cooked and can be warmed up in just five minutes in a bain-marie or in a pan on low heat with three soup spoons of water. They can be eaten alone, as a side dish, or as part of many different recipes. Eaten cold, Danival’s Express Grains are also the ideal base for healthy and tasty salads.  

Italian Treasure :
A delicious recipe where the full taste of olives comes together with basil to enhance the grains with crunchy and creamy textures. The grains in the mix include oats, bulgur wheat and pearl wheat (a new ingredient in the line of ready foods in Doypack pouches available in organic stores). This combination with Mediterranean notes will go well with either cooked vegetables or a salad.

Inca Treasure :
With this gluten-free mix, Danival chose to combine French quinoa, Camargue rice and sweet maize with legumes: kidney beans harvested in the South-West, cooked with cumin and coriander. Let yourself be tempted by this tasty, semi-creamy semi-crunchy, subtly spiced combination that will take you to Latin America...