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"Les Petits Desserts" have arrived !

Le 15/09/2016
"Les Petits Desserts", a line of vegetarian desserts from Danival, the specialist in Organic prepared dishes, have arrived in shop aisles with a new look and new gourmet recipes :

Hazelnut & Cocoa
Hazelnut & Caramel Fleur de sel
Coconut & Mango

"Les Petits Desserts" contain no lactose or gluten and are also soy free.
Fans of hazelnuts and of exotic tastes will love them.
They're perfect for lactose intolerant consumers and provide an ideal alternative for anyone wanting to limit their consumption of milk products while enjoying their desserts. "Les Petits Desserts" from Danival contain no cholesterol and are rich in calcium, minerals, essential fatty acids and fibre.
They're everything you could wish for in a dessert, snack or gourmet break.

Hazelnut & Cocoa, Hazelnut & caramel : two new hazelnut creams

These two new vegetarian creams feature hazelnuts which provide unmatched nutritional benefits (rich in calcium, minerals and fatty acids).
Danival has created incredibly creamy and tasty desserts by combining hazelnuts with cocoa and caramel Fleur de Sel.

Coconut & Mango: an exotic flavour

Danival has innovated by combining the sweetness of coconut milk with the fresh taste of mango.
Both smooth and delicate, this cream is a healthy and very tasty vegetarian alternative. Coconut milk provides iron, potassium and phosphorus.