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New soups 25 cl

Le 15/01/2018
It’s not in the old jars we make the best soups !

Neo-format, small, compact, cute… and good! 

Our neo-format soup (25cl), which is easy to slide into a backpack, handbag or computer bag (and even into a belt bag) will enable everyone to take a quick, tasty and comforting vegetable break. Just like those that are home-made, our soups are additive free, smooth and made by a real chef. 

Discover Danival’s 3 best soup recipes which are finally available in single-portions for even more convenience ! 


Be unfaithful to Granny ! 
Granny’s soups are the world’s best!

However, Granny isn’t there every day to make us a good home-made soup after a hard day’s work…
That’s why Danival has made delicious, smooth soups, which are 100% organic, do not contain artificial flavours or thickeners and are just like those that are home-made.
So if you still don’t think they’re as good as Granny’s, you’ll simply have to try them ;)

To be enjoyed wherever you want! (Because it’s not always in the old pots that we make the best soups ;))